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Monday, September 2, 2013

Your IPL processing fee has been calculated

Your August IPL processing fee of $39.00, along with your outstanding fees from previous month(s) of $435.88, is due on Sep. 7. (Learn more)

Pay your processing fee to protect your account and money.

Please note that not paying your IPL processing fee may result in losing your IPL account (current balance: $2,500.00) and current earnings of $2,829.03 since you started utilizing IPL.

Need help paying your processing fee? Learn how or talk to an expert volunteer.

Jessica Martinez
FanBox Billing Department

Details of previous month(s) fees:
  • February Processing Fee $28.08
  • February Late Charge $10.00
  • February Very Late Penalty $28.08
  • March Processing Fee $28.08
  • March Late Charge $10.00
  • March Very Late Penalty $28.08
  • April Processing Fee $28.15
  • April Late Charge $10.00
  • April Very Late Penalty $28.15
  • May Processing Fee $31.21
  • May Late Charge $10.00
  • May Very Late Penalty $31.21
  • June Processing Fee $34.50
  • June Late Charge $10.00
  • June Very Late Penalty $34.50
  • July Processing Fee $37.92
  • July Late Charge $10.00
  • July Very Late Penalty $37.92

  • Total outstanding fees: $435.88

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